Stylish Wallets for Women

Traditionally, men have carried wallets and women have carried purses, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re looking for something to keep your cash and cards in, then a wallet is a good option for women too, and more and more retailers are making great looking wallets for women.

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Wallets for women are very similar in design to men’s wallets these days – leather or suede designs are the most common but you can get cute and stylish fabric ones too, made from thick, heavy cotton or a ripstop design that will survive many years of use.

Wallets can be velcro, or have a zip, and have coin pockets, note sections and sections for cards. The folding design is probably the best choice for a woman, because it’s smaller and will fit into the pockets on most items of clothing. With high fashion options in design you have a wide selection to chose from. There are longer folio-style designs available too, which you could carry like a purse, but these are less practical for day to day use.

It’s up to you whether you opt for a smart, understated solid color design, something embossed or monogrammed, or something that is a little more ‘unique’. There are Superhero wallets, princess wallets, and ones with cute emojis and other patterns on them.

Really, the wallet is something that can be unisex, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of clearly feminine or interest based designs out there to choose from. Dazzling wallets with crystals and chains, ones with embroidered flowers on them, and ones in pastel colors that will stand out from the crowd alongside those brown and black designs that are so common elsewhere.

It makes sense to buy a good wallet early on. The cheaper ones will tend to snag and fray, the coin purses will eventually stop staying shut, and the zippers will break under repeated use. In contrast, a good wallet will last for many, many years, and will turn out to be a valuable heirloom, or a staple of your wardrobe.

Whether you opt for a true designer model, or just something high quality from a regular retail catalogue does not matter. There are plenty of options for you. Many women own several wallets and purses so that they can carry one that will match their outfit, and keep them looking put together from head to toe, and ready to impress at any occasion.